Abu Dhabi, UAE It's Time for Nature!

Dawoodi Bohras across the Middle East mark World Environment Day 2021

Add Your Heading Text Here عالمنا ، اهتمامنا  Our Planet, Our Responsibility!   Sustainability and preservation lie at the core of the Dawoodi Bohra ethos. By launching various proactive campaigns throughout the year, ranging from cleanliness drives, bird conservation programs to curbing food wastage, the community has always sought to advocate awareness & action when it comes to the environment.…

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Dubai Sultans take the SBT 10 Hamidi Cup

The Hamidi Cup, organised by Burhani Sports, kick started its third season in the UAE on 21st January 2019 and ended on 25th January 2019. The 5 day event was held in the UAE with matches being played in 3 different grounds. The Super 6, Semi Finals and Finals were played at the iconic Sharjah Stadium. A total of 21…

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